Sweden Needs Assistant Nurses

A rich and industrialized nation in the Scandinavian peninsula of Northern Europe known as Konungariket Sverige (Kingdom of Sweden) now opens its doors of opportunities for Filipino nurses to work for.
Sweden needs Assistant Nurses
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Note that before reading further, be it known that the writer does not have any affiliations or connections to the recruitment agency. The agency also doesn't have any branches or offices outside of Baguio or Benguet.


Sweden's government just like its neighboring countries such as Finland, provides a large share to education and medical services. Both services are being given free to all its citizens. Sweden is also not a populous country. With only 9 million in population, the elder people shares the largest by age bracket.

The government also provides an insurance plan that is about

60 per cent higher of their average earnings.

These can be concluded that Sweden is an aging nation whose high priority concerns the availability and accessibility of healthcare to all. Healthcare workers, especially nurses are then needed to utilize the country's need of providing quality healthcare.


Acordingly, the following should be the qualifications:

1. Must be a registered nurse in his/her country.

2. Male or female

3. 21-38 years old and with 2-5 years hospital local or overseas experience.
UPDATE AS OF JULY 2017: Experience in medical clinic can already be accepted but it should be 2 years.


Resume, college diploma, official transcript of records, certificate of board ratings, PRC ID, employment certificates and valid passport.


When you apply for this position only in the agency stated, you will have less worries as they don't require you to pay for a placement fee. Visa processing and language training is also free.

Initial salary

offered is 10,060 SEK or Php 60, 000 plus and you can still save much from it despite considering that Sweden has one of the highest standard of living in the world. One reason is that the country utilizes much of its energy from Hydroelectric and nuclear power plants so bills for electricity consumption are very cheap. Your savings can also depend on how you spend your money wisely. After passing the exam, your salary will be upgraded to 21,020 SEK/month.


Since the foreign recruiter will provide you free visa processing, free language training and without placement fee, they are highly expecting you to also do your part by studying hard and exerting your best effort to learn the language. Sweden is not an English-speaking country so anyone who is dreaming to work there must learn the language by heart. It may not be easy to learn it but it's a great opportunity to dwell on.

If you have any inquiries, please approach or contact the agency involved.

Other information you need to know more about Sweden to be discussed in my upcoming articles.

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