Learning Insights From Our Failures

Have you experienced having failures in your life? How many times did you try your best yet you still failed in the best effort you showed and exerted?
Learning Insights from our failures
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The Nature of Failure

In every part of human life, there is really a balance between two opposing forces that cannot be out of our lives. We experience sadness and we laugh in a time our destiny dictates us to be happy. The same thing when we achieve lots of success but at the same time lots of failures. It is also a part of our human instinct that when we want to achieve something, we don't want failures to arrive. When failure overpowered our dreamed success, it can result to disappointments, frustrations and depressions to name a few.

However, take a reflection from

this question: Does it mean that you are really a failure when you failed at achieving something? Does it mean that we can no longer be successful when we have failed especially for so many times?

Eliminate the Pessimistic mind

These questions might ponder in our thoughts and it is the reason why positivity should be inculcated in our minds. Every pessimistic thought is the result of more failures to come. So always stay positive, make it a challenge to rise above failures. Do your best even when the environment is distracting you. The secret for overcoming failure is to always stay positive even when our best actions doesn’t seem to work well.

The learning insight for overcoming failure is that we learn more how to have more positive thoughts to be successful.

Be inspired from successful people 

There are many lessons that we can learn when we experience failures but before knowing those things, take a look first for the failures of these world’s most successful men. That before changing and transforming the world because of their discoveries and magnificent leadership skills, they had failures but they never treated it as a hindrance. It even motivated and challenged them.  These persons have only one common thought: Never quit because quitters never win and winners never quit.

Take a read and be inspired by these persons:


Thomas Alva Edison- He went to school only for three months, doing so poorly, that his mother who was a former teacher need to taught him well. He often had poor hearing that he considered himself deaf. But after his death at the age of 84, he patented over 1,000 inventions. The world called him genius but he defined genius as 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

2. Bill Gates- He was a university drop out and once failed in his first business called Traf-O-Data. However, he has the passion for computer programming and continued doing his business despite of risks. He became successful when he launched the Microsoft Company in 1986 and became the world’s richest man according to many popular magazines.

3. Abraham Lincoln- He lost 4 positions for public office and also experienced failure in business before he became the President of the United States of America.

4. Albert Einstein- His family experienced several bankrupts in business which paved the way for him to discontinue schooling. He cut classes and many of his instructors perceived him as a slow learner. They didn't recommend him for a university entrance. However, he proved his instructors wrong when he contributed many ideas about the law of physics, science and math.

Now look at the histories of these persons, did it inspire you to continue moving forward even when failures are attacking you? Have a positive thought and go on.

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